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The Rajive Gandhi Rehabilitation scheme for tsunami affected people of Andaman was implemented by Andaman and Nicobar Administrations during 2005-2008. Impact assessment study was under taken during 2007-08 by ICAR institute, CARI, Port Blair. It was recommended that to identify the need based activities of the scheme a bottom up approach should be adopted so that the sense of belongingness among the stake holder can be created. They not only be involved at implementation stage, right from the planning and maintenance stage also. However, efforts should be made to execute the project activities through Panchyat Raj Institutions so that commitment and responsibility can be assigned to them for maintenance during post implementation. In this programme, due to lack of time, planning was done by the govt. Officials and partly with the help of the local people. Since programme was to be implemented immediately after tsunami 2004, people could not be fully involved at planning level. However, at implementation and maintenance stage local people were involved. This has resulted in good impact on the stakeholders.

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