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The Devil Duke : The Demon Duchess Series, Book...
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A chance encounter with a tabloid playboy lands a scrappy waif a place in high society.Fainting in the notorious nobleman’s arms is the smartest move the self-proclaimed spazz ever made. Now her picture decorates every gossip rag in Britain, and the public wants to know who the Devil Duke’s new squeeze is. Offered a sizable sum, Izzy De Luca travels to England where she will pose as the Duke of Devoy’s new bride. It seems the rake’s reputation needs some rehabilitation, and the fresh-faced orphan is just the girl to brighten his tarnished image.Izzy enters a lavish world of wealth and privilege, but soon realizes her uptight employer is no laid-back lady charmer. Sparks fly between the two when the spirited American lets the impossibly handsome blue blood know she won’t be gentrified without a fight.As they play out the carefully constructed charade, the jaded Duke finds himself drawn to Izzy’s rare brand of charm, and what begins as a collision of worlds ends in a union of love.This may be a modern day Cinderella story, but this feisty commoner is no simpering sweetheart. She means to give our titled hero a run for his millions. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Virginia Ferguson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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